Alleviating poverty, bringing hope

Volunteering – Can you, as an individual, group or Company, help?

NOAH is reliant upon the continued support of our fantastic volunteers. We have a wide range of volunteer opportunities, one or more of which might appeal to you. For many of our volunteering roles, no previous experience is required but full training is provided in any event.

In return for your generous commitment to us you will have the great satisfaction of knowing that what you are doing is making a difference for good to the lives of so many who are in abject poverty. You will meet people from different backgrounds, develop skills and enjoy a welcoming and social team.

 Volunteering Opportunities:

To apply online, click here. Alternatively, you can download and complete this form and email to, or if you wish to know more, telephone 01582 728416.

Corporate Volunteering 

There is every opportunity for companies to exercise their corporate social responsibility by engaging with NOAH. What you do will make a real impact for good on the lives of people with so little, people who are homeless, live on the streets or are at risk of doing so.

In return you get great team-building opportunities, staff are motivated because of the company’s preparedness to something so altruistic for the benefit of others and you have a positive association and relationship with a highly regarded local charity.

For more information about corporate or team volunteering email or call 01582 728416