Alleviating poverty, bringing hope

“After 10 years of caring for my partner, I sadly lost him in January 2021.

My world turned upside down and I suffered with depression, so I began to volunteer at Cancer Research to keep my mind occupied.

The Job Centre put me in touch with NOAH Academy and I joined their 50+ Progressing into Work course. Nicky was running Working Solutions at the same venue so I began working with her too.

The Progressing into Work course was very encouraging, easy to understand and follow. We started with wellbeing, which built confidence and self-esteem. It was paced really well over the 12 weeks and slowly encouraged a work mindset.

At the same time Working Solutions allowed me to interact with people in the same position as me, swapping experiences and life stories, so I didn’t feel like I was on my own.

When I spent time with Nicky (Working Solutions), we started applying for roles and very soon I was offered 6 interviews, 2 of which were through NOAH’s own Rainbow Recruitment.

After some interview practice to ease my nerves, I was successful and had been offered 2 different roles. It was overwhelming that I had a choice to make.

NOAH Academy has been the key to my journey back into work.

I look forward to having the security of this new role until I retire and I will remain doing charity work to keep active. Of course, I will pop into Working Solutions to say “hi” occasionally for all the support they’ve given me.”

Stephen (Working Solutions & 50+ Progressing into Work)