Alleviating poverty, bringing hope

Cafe Connect

For those who would like support to overcome barriers to social isolation and loneliness and make connections with their community, CaféConnect is an opportunity for you to benefit from peer support in a relaxed, safe environment and to:

Café Connect provides supportive opportunities for you and others to talk about a range of issues and concerns. Whether you experience social isolation or loneliness, have experienced a relationship breakdown, are unemployed, have an unhealthy lifestyle or lack social interaction or physical exercise, peer support will enable you to find positive and collaborative solutions for a better quality of life, whatever your story.

Café Connect also provides:

Café Connect inspires you to learn and grow together while making sense of experiences through group activities, reflection and peer support, with a focus on initiating change and moving forward.

Our Community Connections Advisers are there to facilitate the group; provide information, advice and guidance if needed; connect you with local community groups, activities and services; and ensure you get the most out of your Café Connect experience.

The group can invite guests to contribute to its activities; for example by groups giving talks, providing activities or contributing resources focussed on well-being, healthy lifestyles, problem solving, confidence building, networking and moving towards positive outcomes.